Crush Your Fat Genes, Live Long, and End The Weight Loss Struggle For Good! 

(If what you have always tried hasn't been working, it's time to try something new...)

Have you ever felt guilty for being overweight?

Believe it or not, feeling a sense of guilt or shame for being overweight is extremely common.

If you have experienced this before, don't worry, you are not alone.

If this is as far down as you make it on the page today, I really want to leave you feeling better off than when you arrived here.

Did you know that being overweight is actually a medical disorder?

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to lose excess body fat?

It almost seems impossible, right?!

Well, there is a good reason for this and it is because eliminating extra body fat requires medical treatment.

This also means that it is not your fault!

Reread that last line as many times as you would like.

Once you believe it, then you can set yourself free.

If you are ready to end the weight loss struggle once and for all, we can help you get started right now.

Let's crush your fat genes, position you to live longer, and end the "yo-yo" weight loss forever.

Here are a few of the ways that we can help you today:

  • We ​treat all 5 components of weight reduction and long-term maintenance; Verified psychological and cognitive behavioral program. Nutritional change, physical activity, metabolic adjustment, hormone optimization, & psychological training.
  • ​Access and develop relationship with Dr. Oliver; full time dedication to this program, weekly podcast to your email, 1 hour “office” visit online monthly with Dr. Oliver and Coach Macie.
  • Physician formulated exclusive appetite suppressant… because the best diet in the world is the one you can stay on. AppTame is the proven product.
  • ​Doctor Oliver developed this treatment plan based on his personal and professional experience. He has written 4 books and is an Amazon #4 best seller.
  • Rapid weight loss treatment phase and long-term maintenance treatment with ongoing support, snacks, continued content, and re-treatment advice.
  • Results – People on program lose an average of 15lbs a month. Most patients lose 8-12lbs the first 2 weeks. Examples include patients with 100lbs reduction in 6 months, many over 60 years old who lost 35 to over 100 pounds. Patients have maintained weight loss for up to 19 years.
  • ​Regular direct contact for education and Q&A from the doctor (Zoom/email/phone call). Ongoing never-ending support. 
  • ​Special tailored bariatric snacks that taste good vs super high protein, low carb; medically designed not commercially designed; designed for weight loss, correct macronutrients
  • ​Expertise of coach (Macie) – 6+ years experience one-on-one with thousands of patients  

Real Reviews From Real Clients

Make These Benefits Your New Reality

Safely Lose Weight Without Being Hungry

How would you like to having delicious snacks to use throughout the day that were already in the portion sizes that you need to lose weight?  Sounds good, right?

Along with this, we will keep you mentally strong and focused through our 1-on-1 counseling and coaching programs.  This support will allow you to change your relationship and view of food.  Eating to live instead of living to eat is part of the shift that we help you make a reality.

Lose Weight Quickly Without The Risks

Everyone who wants to lose weight, wants to do so as quickly as possible.  This is the reason that so many "lose weight quickly fad" diets are popular.  Many of them also pose a level of inherent risk, especially for the normal person like you.  It can be so confusing!

We use a medically based approach to help you lose weight.  It is very effective and safe for you.  This is smart way to lose weight and won't require the pain, risk, and recovery time of surgical options.

Dr. Oliver’s patients typically lose up to 20 pounds during the first month of the program, when they stick to the treatment and do everything that they are advised to do.

Be The Next Member In Our Community

It is often said that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Surrounding yourself with likeminded, supportive people who have walked in your shoes will be essential for your sustainable success.
Dr. Oliver will keep a close eye on your progress, but you will also have a specially trained health coach to guide you through your treatment and journey. Your health coach can make adjustments as often as needed, based on your unique response to the treatment.  

Meet The Program Creators

Dr. Gregory Oliver, D.O.

Dr. Oliver is a practicing family physician in Indianapolis, IN who has a passion for preventative healthcare. He focuses on weight reduction, metabolic, and hormonal optimization and has specialized training in Bariatrics and Age- Management Medicine. 

He graduated from Indiana University and received his medical degree from Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He’s board certified in family medicine with 32 years of experience assisting patients to live life to the fullest.

Macie Hacker

Macie is a highly motivated and energetic individual with a passion for overall health and wellness. Macie is the Center Director at Fast Clinical Weight Loss where she works individually with each client to achieve his or her weight loss and health goals. Her specialties include exercise prescription, nutrition, teaching, and coaching.

Macie is a Butler University alumni- GO DOGS! She holds her masters degree in exercise and nutrition. She is also the co-host for The Skinny Podcast.

Meet The Crush Your Fat Genes Program!

Here is everything that you will get in the program:

  • Direct Access with Dr. Oliver. Having a trained weight loss physician working with you and advising you along the way is invaluable. If you met monthly with your own doctor and had to pay for the visits and time, 6 visits would cost over $900. Dr. Oliver will provide a monthly one hour online meeting for education and Q and A. He will also respond to issues, concerns and assist with treatment recommendations and therapy adjustment when needed. He will provide daily tips, weekly podcasts from himself and Macie, along with support when needed. Value: $900  
  • 3-Week Snack Supply. One Hundred Fifty (105) delicious snacks designed and manufactured for weight reduction and only available through a physician’s office or weight loss center. Package consists of bars, shakes, chips, drinks, puddings, cookies, soups, pastas, and additional varieties formulated with the right amount of Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates to ignite the fat burning process in your body. They taste great and Dr. Oliver and thousands of patients have been using these products for years to help in the weight reduction treatment plan. Over time, healthy store bought snacks will be recommended to allow for long term maintenance. Value: $250
  • Inner Diet Psychological Screener and Personalized Cognitive/Behavioral Program. Our affiliated Bariatric Psychologist has designed, verified, and implemented this online Tool to assist our patients with understanding what their mind may be doing to sabotage the weight loss process and how to treat the issues. The online test results will be delivered to your email and to Dr. Oliver for treatment of problems like Stress Eating, Commitment issues, Perfectionism, Dieting Discomfort, Inner Control, and Secondary Gain. When you control your thinking, you can control your weight. Value: $200  
  • The LEAN 51 Manual. This manual written by Dr. Oliver will guide you day by day with education, motivation, inspiration, and as a tracking tool to succeed in the weight reduction and maintenance process. The manual was developed based on Dr. Oliver’s successful weight loss and has been slowly modified over 19 years to enhance the journey to thin. Value: $99     
  • ​Written Analysis of Treatment Recommendations. Dr. Oliver will review your psychological results along with your medical history, medications, and family history and provide a diagnostic and treatment oriented plan specifically for you. This evaluation and plan can be delivered by phone or private encrypted video conference. In order to Crush Your Fat Genes, we must first know what the underlying genetic, metabolic, hormonal, and psychological factors holding one back are. The proper treatment plan can then be formulated and recommended. Value: $150           
  • AppTame Appetite Suppressant. A sixty capsule bottle of specifically formulated supplements to reduce appetite and hunger. This mildly stimulating formula will also slightly increase the body’s thermogenic process (fuel burning), provide additional energy, and allow for well-being during the fat reduction period. Value: $74
  • ​Weight Loss Vitamin/Supplement Daily Packs. These specifically designed and formulated vitamins are used for bariatric surgical centers and medical weight loss centers. They include a therapeutic level of all vitamins to keep the body’s chemical machinery optimized. Omega Three fatty acids are included to help the body clear Triglycerides (storage fat) from the body. Digestive Enzymes are present in the formula to enhance fuel processing in the gut and phytonutrients from plant sources help the digestive process also. Value: $79       
  • Beginners Exercise Video by Coach Macie. This video was prepared to start anyone with simple easy to accomplish exercises. These exercise are the ones that Dr. Oliver used during his fat reduction phase to lose 50 pounds and are still used by him daily at this time. They are designed to allow for slow progression in both time and intensity to make our body more efficient at glucose and fat burning over time. Coach Macie will also be available for the monthly online office visit and to respond to Q and A’s on our private FB site or by email. Value: $120
  • ​LEAN on ME, Your Journey to Forever Thin book by Dr. Oliver. Dr. Oliver wrote this book to let his patients know the reason why they’ve struggled so long to get to and stay at their optimal weight. The book describes new way of thinking about excess body weight and how to take charge of our mind and body to keep this medical disease from interfering with or shortening our life. Value: $39  
  • Private Crush Your Fat Genes Facebook Group. This site will help provide a safe place to share experiences, ask questions, receive recommendations, and connect with Dr. Oliver and Coach Macie on a regular basis. The Oliver Hacker Health mission is to teach and assist each person who has struggled to achieve their best weight to Live LEAN, Live LONG, and Live LIFE to the Fullest. Value: $99  

 You Only Pay: $2,010 $397!

More Real Reviews From More Real Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose with this program?
Our Average patient will lose 8-12 pounds in the first two weeks and then average 12-15 pounds per month during treatment. Weight loss varies depending on how much excess body weight is present.
What are the vitamins for and do I need to take them?
The program vitamin pack is a bariatric formula that provides therapeutic vitamin levels, digestive enzymes, and omega 3 fatty acids to reduce triglycerides and enhance fat loss.
What happens when I reach my goal weight?
Because Overweight Syndrome and Obesity are genetically based disorders, there is a need for long-term maintenance and intermittent retreatment if weight goes back up over 7-8 pounds. Ongoing access to appetite suppression, treatment protocols, and coaching continues to be available to assure the disease remains in remission.
Will I be hungry on this program?
No, Eating small snack meals that provide adequate protein every 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours along with AppTame Appetite suppression will prevent hunger. If at any time hunger becomes an issue, Dr. Oliver will recommend adjustment of the treatment plan to keep it under control.
What is different with this program compared to others?
This is not a program like all commercial weight loss plans. This is a medical treatment plan for the disease of Overweight and Obesity. Dr. Oliver has been treating patients with this medical plan for 18 years. This online treatment protocol mimics the in-person treatment given to his patients day in and day out in the clinic.
Will I have access to Dr. Oliver and Macie?
Macie and Dr. Oliver will have a monthly live office meeting online for all patients for education and a Q and A session. Each patient will be part of a private FB group for contact with Macie and Dr. Oliver. Each patient will receive daily information in the form of posts, emails, blogs, and videos from Dr. Oliver and Macie. 

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